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Cost Effective Payroll Solutions

     We make payroll processing and tax preparation easy. We are ready to answer your questions faster, without call centers or automated voice systems.

     You can now process payroll online with Net Client For Remote Payroll Entry.

Most importantly, as a valued client of CPS, you will always have quick and easy reference to us for all your employee, tax or payroll information questions.

     Consolidated Payroll Services offers an efficient, reliable and affordable way for businesses to pay their employees. Using CPS makes sense for any-sized business because of our flexibility in dealing with the needs of our clients.

Features and Services:

          Professional Personalized Service Electronic Tax Payment and Filing
          Direct Deposit of Employee Payroll Checks
Transmission Options for Employee Hours
    o         Net Client Web Site (Remote Entry Through PC)
    o         Fax Hours
E-Mail Hours
Telephone Call-In
Easy-to-Read Payroll Reports
New Hire Reporting
Workman's Comp Audit Assistance
Laser Signature Checks
Envelope Stuffing and Sealing
Time Clock Interface


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